Austin photography and aerials
Born from a love of both the still and moving image, Odin's Flying Horse was created to capture the world from different perspectives. As such, we employ cutting edge technology to provide low flying, remote controlled aerial video and photography services. In addition to aerial services, we are grounded in all aspects of high quality videography and photography.

We specialize in Real Estate Photography and Video.  We can help you market your listing! From an Interior walk-through to aerial views. Give people an interactive way to visit your properties from their home or mobile device.  Browse samples in our video gallery from beautiful Telluride, Colorado.

We love creative projects, and are only limited by your ideas and imagination.

What's With the name?
Odin's Flying Horse was an 8-legged beast, much like our octo-copter with 8-rotors. The idea sprang from our love for Norse Mythology and Scandinavian heritage. Find out more about the great horse Sleipnir.


What exactly does Odin's Flying Horse (OFH) do?
 •We take aerial video and photography for a variety of purposes across many industries.  Popular applications have been Real Estate and Land Sales, Land Survey, Promotional Footage, and Creative Projects. We take images previously only obtainable though the use of expensive equipment and lengthy set up times. Using a multi-rotor drone, we bring aerial technology to everyone in a affordable and fun way.

What is Multi-Rotor Technology?
•At OFH we use a Droidworx AD8 Octocopter with Mikrokopter flight and navigation control. This Remote Controlled, 8-propeller helicopter has quick and easy set up. The octorotor platform allows OFH to fly with extreme precision and stability. This provides a safe and Eco-friendly alternative to other means of aerial video and photography.

How does it all work?
• Standard, we shoot with a Hacked Panasonic GH2, allowing for us to deliver HD quality stills and video. With a wingspan of roughly 3 feet, of we can fly high, low, and in more confined situations then previously available in the realm of aerial technology. It is safe for a variety of terrain including water, mountains, and high altitude. Regulations keep us to a maximum of 400ft high and line of sight. With a wright capacity of 5lbs. we offer clients to use rented or personal camera equipment for use with our copter and operator.

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